Homeopathy: 5 Common Misconceptions

There are a number of misconceptions about this ancient practice. Many are held by skeptics who do not know much, or anything, about homeopathy.

As a field not generally considered a hard science, homeopathy is often regarded as an out-dated and impractical form of healing.  Many wonder why this type of medicine still exists when there have been so many successful advancements in the medical field.

Uninformed people and even the media perpetuate a lot of stereotypes and myths about homeopathy that just aren’t true. That’s why we hope this list of 5 common misconceptions about homeopathy will help clear up confusion:

1. Homeopathy is unscientific. This form of healing is based on clinical data and experiments. Numerous clinical studies have been done to test the efficacy of treatments for a variety of ailments. Sound logic and experimental data is used as the basis for homeopathy.

2. Homeopathy works the same on all people. Since homeopathy is meant to stimulate your body’s own healing abilities, remedies will not work the same on all individuals. Some people may be responsive to a particular element while others show no reaction. As different beings, individual people will react differently to the same treatments, just as they would with drugs.

3. Homeopathy is for hippies. This is not a practice embraced only by “quacks” and “granola people”. Homeopathy has become a welcomed alternative for many people who would be considered mainstream. One does not have to reject modern medicine or other healing practices to enjoy the benefits of natural healing. People who practice homeopathy are not crazy or abnormal, they have simply discovered a natural way to treat illnesses.

4. Homeopathy is dangerous. Homeopathy is not dangerous when used properly. Using proper references and advice from experienced homeopaths eliminates any risk of side effects.

5. Homeopathy is a placebo. Homeopathy is not just a “sugar pill” used to trick the mind into thinking it is being healed. Many double-blind experiments have proven that homeopathic remedies have the healing effects they were prescribed for.

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