Homeopathy For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia has been a misunderstood or not understood disorder. We have talked about many different things. But they are saying that misfiring nerve endings are to blame. There is no clear cut way to diagnose fibromyalgia. And the only way that we really diagnose it is to eliminate everything else. Many who suffer from fibromyalgia have been called hypochondriacs and a number of other negative things. But it is starting to gain more recognition, and while you can take prescription pain killers, some are saying that the best way is the natural way. This comes to include homeopathy.

Homeopathy has been around for 1700 years. And there are many who travel far and wide to see certain homeopathic doctors who go through years of school. They treat illnesses supposedly at the cause rather than simply treating the symptoms. And they use remedies made from water largely combined with things such as aconite or dandelion. They are diluted s far down that their strength is debatable. Homeopathy has never been clinically proven to have any positive effect on the human body. But still, there are some who say that certain homeopathic medications, while I would say they are all the same, are superior to others.

For homeopathic medicine, you undergo an extensive patient history. It goes over hours of time, and then they say that the doctor can prescribe you a precise program. They have come up with a number of herbs combined with water that they say will alleviate your problems with fibromyalgia. Some say that it can be quite effective, and others would not agree.

But the main treatments include kali phosphoricum, kali phos, calms forte, lycopodium, sulfur, arnica, phosphoric acid, and others. These are meant to calm stress, reduce anxiety, and help you to alleviate pain whatever its source. They are meant to provide more energy, and they provide you with a certain new hope that you would not find with conventional medicine.

Whether it works or it is just in the mind of the beholder, the debate largely continues with homeopathic medicine. But as far as proof, I can honestly say that there are some who continue to fight a lifelong battle with homeopathic medicine. And there are some who are finding that their fibromyalgia pain goes away when using homeopathic medicine. At the very least, for this reason, it is worth checking out to see if it might be right for you.

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