Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know

I first saw Kevin Trudeau as a child on midnight infomercials when the babysitter wasn’t doing a great job of babysitting. At that time, he was selling a book called “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know About”, which has since been banned, and let alone these supposed “health” cures.

Without a doubt, Mr. Trudeau gave the homeopathic industry a bad name. Most of his so called “cures” were natural or homeopathic, and the book as a whole was a fraud. It claimed cures for everything from the common cold (which is reasonable) to herpes to AIDS, which are obviously not reasonable. Natural or not, if someone were to actually find a cure for AIDS, they could literally make BILLIONS if they did it right. All they would have to do is make some special and patented version of a natural cure, and then they could ensure that no one else could use it, at least for a few years, in which time they could probably find another use for it, earning yet another patent.

But even though Kevin Trudeau was shut down, that did not stop the many followers who wanted to be just like him. And unfortunately, many have capitalized on homeopathy, taking the claims far beyond what they were ever meant to be. Homeopathy is meant to be used to promote overall health, feelings of wellbeing, and as a natural way to address problems with headaches, allergies, the common cold, and other everyday issues. Homeopathy is NOT meant to be used to treat cancer, herpes, AIDS, Crohn’s disease, or other serious disease.

And while government institutions do crack down on companies who make claims about things like cancer, there are some times when some think that the government institutions of the world should take another step up.

A decision recently made by the General Pharmaceutical Council not to take action against pharmacists who sold homeopathic remedies not for the common cold, but for serious disease, has been called “shabby and irresponsible” according to charitable Trust Sense About Science.

Supposedly, action was not taken, because the pharmacies took their own measures since the complaints were lodged, and “We do not consider the individuals’ fitness for registration is impaired such that it ought to be removed or restricted.” Obviously, complaintants would say that this puts people’s health at risk were they to follow this advice, and it was not their decision to make as pharmacists. Moreover, it put the health of others around them at risk. Some of these pharmacists were prescribing homeopathic remedies for malaria. And obviously, should that person contract malaria, it could put everyone around them at risk!

Personally, I don’t consider homeopathic remedies to pose a serious risk in and of themselves. But I do have to agree that replacing medications for serious disease with homeopathic remedies could lead to outbreaks of diseases that have largely been eliminated, and anybody selling homeopathic remedies for these kinds of diseases in lieu of the real thing does deserve harsher reprimand/punishment.

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