Snake Venom Homeopathic Medicine

Commonly called lachesis mutus, snake venom has been used as a homeopathic remedy that affects the blood and central nervous system. It is made from a diluted form of what would normally be considered to be poisonous venom coming from the bushmaster snake.

Because it has blood thinning properties, obviously it can be used to reduce blood clots when tightly controlled. It enhances blood flow and facilitates healing by removing toxins from the blood. But obviously, when used improperly, it could cause serious bleeding problems.

Benefits of Lachesis Mutus

Because of all of this, Lachesis mutus has been commonly used as a homeopathic treatment for many bleeding disorders such as rectal bleeding, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, and prolonged menstrual periods. It has also been used by some to relieve depression, heart palpitations, migraines, throbbing headaches, tonsillitis, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, extreme cold, a swollen or inflamed tongue, painful ovaries, aches, anxiety, mood swings, nervous tension, cramps, and irritability. Not everybody necessarily believes that Lachesis mutus is appropriate for all of these problems. But many seem to find it effective enough.

How It’s Prepared

Because it is a potentially deadly snake venom, Lachesis mutus has to be diluted a number of different times to be useful, hence homeopathy. It goes through extensive preparations, and it is considered to be much safer than commercial preparations when prepared by a licensed homeopath. You should always be extremely cautious of this just as you would any other poisonous substance.

How Effective is Lachesis Mutus?

There is some debate about the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of Lachesis mutus. Obviously, there are some who will say that it’s nothing more than water, especially when prepared improperly. But if Lachesis Mutus is going to work for you, most say that it will work relatively quickly and efficiently.

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